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How to Grow $560 into $100,000

How to Grow $560 into $100,000

How to Grow $560 into $100,000

The difference between using an IRA to invest in stocks, bonds, Trust Deeds, real estate, or any other investment could save you HUNDREDS of dollars. If used correctly, those savings could translate into tens of THOUSANDS of dollars. We had a client send us a testimonial recently. She was so happy that we were able to show her how to save a few hundred dollars every month and increase her portfolio returns. Let’s use Beverly as an example to demonstrate how much of a difference only a few hundred dollars can make. Here is the actual testimonial:

“CapSource helped me change my self-direct IRA from making $0.00 in bonds to safely investing it in commercial real estate with a return at a much higher interest rate than I could have made from any bank, and certainly from my stagnant IRA… I was able to pay off my car faster and now I have $560.71 more freed up every month! I would recommend CapSource and their competent associates to anyone in the whole wide world who wants to put his or her money to work for them and realize a profit.” -Beverly U.

Beverly was able to save over $560 a month by simply reworking her investment strategy; that is over $6,000 a year! Here is how that translates into a huge difference:

Let’s be modest and say that Beverly is able to put half of her savings into her Self-Direct IRA every year, so about $3,300 in contributions. Using strategies that she learned from CapSource, let’s say that she was able to get an average 7% annual rate of return over a 10 year period.

If Beverly could continue saving at that same rate, then she would have $94,773 within 10 years!

Now, using her Self-Directed IRA, she would then be able to purchase an actual piece of property. That could be a rental home, a house to rehab and flip, or another investment option. Now not only is she earning money from her original investment strategy, she just folded in another huge source of income.

We used Beverly as an example but these types of results are very realistic. At CapSource, we don’t want to fill people up with false promises. We aim to provide real solutions for individuals just like Beverly.

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